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    Common Mistakes in writing a CV that should be avoided

    Top 5 CV mistakes: There are five common mistakes in writing a CV that should be avoided

    1. Spelling errors

    An error-free CV is vital in showcasing your precision and attention to detail, so check everything - even your contact details.

    1. non-professional mail
      You must use an official e-mail containing the applicant's first and last name.
    2. Lying
      Misinformation about you in your CV make the recruiting person question your credibility.
    3. Write private information about you.

    No one cares about your social status, or the location of your home in detail, and it doesn't make a difference to it in terms of employment, so avoid writing it and just mention key general and important information.

    1. Use the same CV for all jobs.

    Some may write a single resume that they save and send to all posts, which is wrong, a cv for each job must be edited in accordance with the job offer and conditions required.

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